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The following is the list of all RBE10K Teams registered in the wiki. For more information and how to register, see RBE10K Project Teams.

Assisting other teams with the style to be compliant with Wikipedia's Manual of Style.
Documentar diversos sistemas de agricultura, y la producción de diversas plantas para alimento y otros usos
Define Basic Needs, according to Maslow and others, to identify clearly what Human Needs will be required to be met by IMAR and the community
Create a number of viable designs for a central dome with varying budgets
Malaz, Ziggy
Define communications requirements, suitable technologies, and implementation strategies
General discussion forum and project coordination
Research, design and document everything concerning where people live or sleep
Research and documentation on energy production systems
User:Melarish  User:Ziggy  Amanda  Danielle  
Page administration, Page moderation, Content creation, Encourage participation, Address enquiries
Page administration, Page moderation, Content creation, Encourage participation, Address enquiries
Exploring and documenting experiences with small-scale farming and gardening practices
Documentar opciones gastronómicas de alto nivel nutricional y atractivo en olor y sabor, que puedan prepararse a escala, y con los ingredientes que puedan hacerse disponibles en la comunidad
Document gastronomic options of high nutritional level and attractive smell and taste, able to be produced in mass, and with the ingredients that could be produced by the community autonomously
Researching possibilities for sustainable habitation
Definir productos de higiene, y cómo producirlos localmente
Establishing the requirements of the software, Proposing methods of implementation, Developing such methods
C-linux  Ziggy  
Proporcionar apoyo informático general al proyecto
Extend project's awareness, Participation strategies, Optimise public's perception, Communicate news and ideas
Defining and budgeting for equipment and medicines necessary to support basic attention to the community
Define the rules, functionality, and uses of the RBE10K's meritocratic system
Research and develop strategies to extract and purify raw materials like metals and salts
Julián Montesano, Ziggy
Preparar lo necesario para hacer música en la comunidad
Definir, documentar y averiguar precios y disponibilidad de maquinaria necesaria para EBR10K, principalmente de Open Source Ecology
Define objectives on newly created teams, as per project requirements
Translation between English and Spanish
Research and documentation on water catchment, purification, and distribution systems
Apache admin, Joomla setup, Joomla admin, Web design, Content creation
Contributor support, Structure for participation, Standards compliance, Standards implementation
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