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Medical (coordinators: User:Ana Lavigne)

Activities: Defining and budgeting for equipment and medicines necessary to support basic attention to the community

This is the Wiki page for The RBE10K Project's Medical services Team. See also the full Teams list, and the list of needed teams.


[edit] Objectives

Defining and budgeting for equipment and medicines necessary to support basic attention to the whole community (10,000 adult inhabitants). Treatment will be limited to non life-threatening cases; for serious cases the community will rely on nearby hospitals. The medical team will attempt to cover as many cases to maximise self-reliance and self-sufficiency, as practicable.

The information required may be provided in the form of documentation in this wiki, references to external sources of information such as documents, howto guides and YouTube videos, non-paywalled journal articles, or files uploaded to the wiki.

Various practices are applicable to health and wellbeing. This team focuses on modern medicine practices. For each practice this team requires a (non-comprehensive at this point) list of the following:

  • Medicines
  • Consumables
  • Equipment
  • Skills treatment of the sick and wounded
  • Procedures

[edit] Practices

Various practices of modern medicine are applicable, and separated here in categories for ease of documentation.

The following is a non-comprehensive list, more of a template, and requires further expansion:

  • Infections: non life-threatening bacterial and viral infections
  • Open wounds: non life-threatening wounds that are at risk of infection, or large enough that would require stitching
  • Broken bones
  • Poisoning
  • General sores and pain

[edit] Infections

Infections: flu, dermatological infections,pneumonia,bronchitis, urinary tract  (low and upper) infections,hepatite A, gastro enterites,malaria, dengue, typhoid and para typhoid fever, sexual transmitted diseases, gynecological infections,

[edit] Open wounds

Cuts, infected wounds, boils, animal bites( dogs, monkeys, cats etc).

[edit] Broken bones

You can deal only, without a hospital with fractures of bones that are not exposed, means simple fractures (XR?)

Immobilization with bandages, and for some others,plaster.

[edit] Procedures

In a RBE society there are no jobs or employment, and inhabitants tend to be multi-skilled and engaged in a variety of activities. Any services are provided voluntarily in an effort to be kind, useful, helpful and compassionate toward fellow citizens, without any expectation for repayment or profit. Therefore, the emergency room is likely to be either unattended, or attended by a roster of volunteers, and specialists being engaged/called on request or a need-case.

There is also the possibility that there will not be sufficiently skilled volunteers for medical treatment, so treatment may rely on amateur practitioners relying on documentation for common cases, to minimise reliance on nearby hospitals. This will be one of the many cases in which conditions in the city may be far from ideal, and will depend significantly on the skillset of the the 10,000 volunteers engaged in the experiment.

Procedures are thus extremely important, both to minimise wait states in cases of emergency, and to enable amateur or unskilled practitioners to provide the highest level of service possible and maximise self-sufficiency.

The following is a non-comprehensive list of procedures required to be documented:

  • Roster of volunteers to attend the emergency room
  • Calling professionals / specialists on a need-case
  • Dispensing of painkillers and other similar medicines that do not require higher MD skills
  • Making casts and restrains for broken bones
  • Sowing open wounds
  • Caring for wounds and skin or wound infections

[edit] Requests

Health professional and trained therapist volunteers needed
We require assistance of medical doctors, nurses, dentists, and other health therapists to volunteer with documentation of their practice and experience

[edit] Offers

Medical support
Information related to medical care, related to accidents, poisoning, sickness, etc within the experimental community

[edit] Members

Head research (MD)
Research (nursing student)
Technical support

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