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Central Dome (coordinators:  User:Pinguin, User:Ziggy)

Activities: Create a number of viable designs for a central dome with varying budgets

This is the Wiki page for The RBE10K Project's Central Dome Team. See all teams.


[edit] Objectives

Propose options for a core building or buildings in the city. This is not necessary, but it is something interesting to evaluate.

[edit] Reasons for having a core set of buildings in the city

The following are reasons to consider for central buildings:

  • reduce costs by sharing resources
  • secure delicate or dangerous facilities like chemistry labs
  • enable people go from one section to the other without being weathered
  • reduce walking times between areas
  • simplify management, cleaning, re-stocking, etc.

[edit] Features to consider

It shall be nothing like an office building. Shall be more like a University, requiring plenty of space. It shall feature the following facilities:

  • labs (chemistry, biology, computer)
  • kitchens (one or two large communal kitchens, and several small for individual self-service)
  • eating spaces
  • dance studios (can be the same as the theatre)
  • gymnastics/sport
  • a large theatre (probably one full building)
  • emergency room
  • library + public desktop computers
  • groceries and needs storage (something like a mix between a supermarket, a clothing store, and a hardware store - no cashiers of course!)

It would be nice to have the following too:

  • a swimming pool

[edit] Proposals

[edit] Large dome of 10 Earthships

This consist of 10 large Earthships around a shared mound of dirt, in a circular shape. The purpose would be to maximise internal space, take advantage of all the features of an Earthship. Earthships have the following features:

  • Reduced quantity of materials, as it relies on dirt and used tires for a significant part of the structure
  • Clever combination of thermal mass (the dirt at the back) and ventilation systems in the front and the top, to maintain a constant temperature throughout the year
  • Collection of rainwater, and purification of water using internal plants
  • Recycling of its own sewage, through bushes outside and plants inside for cleaner water
  • Production of food next to its windows
  • Ability to produce its own energy (may not be necessary)

The advantage of having large Earthships in a circular shape are the following:

  • They can share resources, like a single pool for collection of rainwater, and a single pool for sewage treatment
  • Closeness between the different buildings
  • Convenient use of space, no "back sides"
  • Sharing thermal mass enables buildings which are not facing in the best direction to benefit from maintaining a constant temperature too
  • It is beautiful and elegant, could even have a park on top

[edit] Size

10 Earthships, each one three level high, 150m wide and 70m deep. That's 10,500m2 per level, 31,500m2 per Earthship, 315,000m2 in total for the 10 Earthships. That's 31.5m2 per each inhabitant (10,000) of the city.

[edit] Members

Designer and researcher
Designer and researcher

[edit] Requests

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