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Projection (coordinators:  User:Ziggy & User:Leandro)

Activities: Define objectives on newly created teams, as per project requirements

This is the Wiki page for The RBE10K Project's Projection Team. See the list of all Teams.


[edit] Objectives

Allocate budgeting and define, according to the needs of the project, the objectives and milestones for each RBE10K Team.

[edit] Budgeting

The current proposal for the overall budget is $100 million US dollars. The budget will be distributed in percentages for a number of purposes, described below as a preliminary allocation, without real knowledge of reasonable costs incurred per area:

  • 10% of the budget for public buildings
    • If Central Dome: 10 x $1 million Earhships (excluding furniture, equipment, decoration, etc)
  • 10-15% for private housing
    • If Capsule Earthships: 5 x $2 million Earthships including capsules 2,000 capsules and bedding each, lounge, kitchen, eatery, furniture, toilets and showers
  • 10% for sustainable energy production
  • 5-8% for food (for use until the community can be self-sufficient for producing its own food)
    • At 2000 calorie requirement for each person per day
    • 10,000 people, for 365x2 days = 2000 x 10,000 x 730 = 14,600,000,000 calories in total
    • One kg of dry grain contains approximately 3000 calories
    • Total number of grain required = 14,600,000,000 / 3000 kg = 4866 tonnes => round to 5,000 tonnes
    • The FOB price per tonne of typical grain like lentils is $1,000 per tonne, i.e. $5 million overall (5% of the budget for food)
    • Food would also require the purchasing of silos, or materials to build them.
  • 5-10% for furniture
  • 10-15% for machinery
  • 10% for computer and medical equipment
  • 5-10% for Internet service
  • 5% for materials for clothing, cooking, exercising and other miscellaneous

The overall total does not reach 100% at the moment, allowing for some flexibility for future unexpected categories.

[edit] Project Plan

The project plan must be documented on the project schedule page(RBE10K/Schedule), and summarised on the section "Project schedule and timeframe" of the main project wiki page (RBE10K). Currently, the project schedule has a very preliminary plan, schedule and design. The following is a summary of the new comprehensive plan, detailed in the main section above. The project plan as proposed initially by George (through Primavera Systems) consists of the following phases:

  • Pre-settlement:
    • Mission and vision
    • Project charter
    • Project location
    • Domestic government requirements
    • International requirements
    • Media and Communications
    • Human Resource management
    • Project Design philosophy
    • Front-end engineering design
    • Detailed engineering and systems design
    • Various experiment result criteria
    • Budgeting
    • Fund raising
    • Independent fund management
    • Mobilisation and site surveys
    • Procurement of initial equipment/materials
    • Construction of staging ground
  • Post-settlement:
    • Site mobilisation of Alpha Team
    • Procurement for Camp Alpha
    • Construction of Camp Alpha
    • Final mobilisation
    • Procurement for main city
    • Construction of main city systems
    • Project monitoring
    • Project feedback and control systems
    • Project financial audit
    • Project resource audit
    • Project deliverables
    • Project Close-Out report
    • Demobilisation or remobilisation

[edit] Members

Project visionaire and organiser
Project manager, visionaire and organiser
Project visionaire and organiser
Project visionaire and organiser
Project visionaire and organiser

[edit] Requests

We need people with commerce or accountancy knowledge, and project planners
We need people with commerce or accountancy knowledge, and project planners

[edit] Offers

We can organise a template with a structure and clear objectives for any newly created team
Whenever creating a new team, please rely on us to set the team up. We may need to have a conversation about the objectives of the team, but we'll ensure those objectives are aligned with the needs of the project

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