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Skills: psychology (student), introspection, problem-solving (maths or real life), vegan cooking, gardening (umm..I can identify weeds?), some programming, extroverted personality; Languages: English, Estonian, Deutsch, Español [Translate]
Interests: humans, self-development, philosophy, music, food, photography, spirituality, open to experience everything [Translate]
Teams: Basic Needs  Core Forum  Facebook Support English  Farming and gardening  Gastronomy  
Intends being one of the 10,000 settlers: Not sure what I'm doing after I graduate in 2014. Very tempted to get any job for a year, save up the $10k and say a big fuck you to capitalism.

Hi humans,

I'm Mel and I'm an extra-terrestrial.

You guys are confusing but I'm sure we can work something out!


[edit] What I'm up to in this incarnation

Occupation: Psychology student and activist (I try to combine the two by learning about rewards, motivation, altruism - topics like that! Currently reading "Punished By Rewards" by Alfie Kohn)

Special skillz: making sense of humans, cooking yummy veganness, causing plants to die when trying to grow them, persuading people to take fliers

Trying to learn: better gardening, more cooking, singing less horribly

Other interests: self-development, philosophy, music, dancing, photography, dystopian fiction and reality (like North Korea)

Religious inclinations: spirituality, oneness, finding your own truth (although it seems everyone's finding the same truth...)

Groups I'm involved in: Food Not Bombs, TZM (duh!), People&Planet, Edible York, York Anarchists

Personality: super-open to experience (I want to try everything!), very extroverted, quirky/dark humour but I'm really a very nice person! :)), a hopeless romantic and fall easily in love with melancholy music

After I graduate, I was thinking of doing a postgrad degree in social/evolutionary psych but that would take years...Maybe I'll just get a job so I could save the $10k and join anyway! It does depend on whether we get enough settlers for 2015. Maybe it takes longer and I might as well do a (funded) degree anyway. I intend not to accumulate any further debt. Right now I've taken student loans for my BSc but you only have to pay it back if you're earning £15k+ a year. Which I wouldn't be in a money-free society ;)

Find me on Facebook to get a daily dose of anti-capitalist sentiments and sometimes plain funnies. Name: Melarish Ish (not my real name)

[edit] Bring on the (r)evolution! :)

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Guerrilla farming in York city
Aspiring vegan chef

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