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Skills: English language education, networking, Jack-of-all-trades [Translate]
Interests: Currently I'm interested in Open Ecology, Government funding grants from Bulletpoint for projects like RBE10K [Translate]
Intends being one of the 10,000 settlers:

I hope to become part of an RBE economy/community that is forward-looking. I have resources and am able to support such a project, rather than needing it to house me. I prefer a location away from extreme temperatures/climate (don't we all?!). I currently live an RBE life in as much as it's possible in the suburbs, minimalizing use of money wherever possible without compromising ethics and a good quality of life. I'm involving myself in RBE10K because its goals align with mine, however, I'm holding off pledging settler support until I learn more about it and am more convinced that 10K isn't too big.

[edit] RBE10K Projects' Participation Details


Useful information for participation

Visit the Project Needs page to understand what is required and how to participate. See the RBE10K Project's main page for general information about the project.

Participation in RBE10K Project happens mostly through Teams: check them out to see if there's anyone you'd like to join. If you would like to join a team, identify the team organiser, click on his user, and send him a request by email from the E-mail this user option in toolbox menu at the left of the screen.

There are still many Teams Needed: check them out to see if there are any teams you'd like to kick-start.

If you would like to contribute but don't know how to, why not check the List of Team Requests?

If you're looking for help on a particular subject, you may want to check the List of Team Offers.

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