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For the The RBE10K Project to make progress addressing its project needs, it requires a number of teams working on them. Currently there are a number of teams already created and working towards fulfilling those project needs, however many more teams are required. The following is a non-comprehensive list of teams that we hope our contributors will create and begin working in towards satisfying some of the project's needs. Any teams showing in red have not been created yet, and will be created by clicking on them. Any teams showing in shades of blue have already been created and they will be happy to have you requesting to join.

The purpose of teams working is described in the RBE10K Project Teams page. Each team will initially work on their own page (and optionally its subpages), and can be in a language other than English. Eventually, refined content must be incorporated into the appropriate sections of the Main Wiki (i.e. pages that do not require a prefix like User: or Team:), in English, and with an academic writing style. This system is meant to offer sufficient flexibility for teams to be productive and work in unrestricted ways.

[edit] Internal project teams

[edit] Physiological needs

These are the most urgent teams required. Several teams can be created to address any one of the following issues. Each of the following require professionals, technicians or engineers with experience in this particular area, or non-technical people with a passion for the subject and willing to do the necessary research, or be of assistance to the rest of the team.

  • Teams related to strategies or equipment for monitoring air quality.
  • Teams related to water harvesting, purification and distribution
  • Teams related to food, i.e. nutrition, food production, food distribution, communal cooking, etc.
  • Teams related to safe sex and healthy sexual behaviours
  • Teams related to healthy sleeping, i.e. mattress technology, snoring, insomnia, circadian rhythms, etc.
  • Teams related to homeostasis, i.e. ensuring optimal health through nutrition, exercise, hygiene, safety
  • Teams related to excretion, i.e. toiletries, sewage treatment

[edit] Safety

  • Teams related to security of the body, i.e. strategies for preventing and dealing with aggressive behaviours, violence, and abuse
  • Teams related to activity, i.e. support for ensuring no one is bored, disinterested or inactive
  • Teams related to resources harvesting, i.e. production of non-food crops, recycling and reclaiming of waste, production of biogas and biofuel, mining, etc.
  • Teams related to healthy behaviour, i.e. guidelines and strategies for assisting individuals in making sound choices for leading healthy social and personal lifestyles
  • Teams related to family, i.e. guidelines and strategies for population sustainability, family planning, and education of parents and children for healthy physical and psychological upbringing
  • Teams related to health, i.e. guidelines and strategies for assisting individuals in prevention of disease, and medical assistance and treatment
  • Teams related to access, i.e. guidelines and strategies for ensuring there are enough goods and services for satisfying the needs of the whole community through shared access
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