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File:Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.svg
An interpretation of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, represented as a pyramid with the more basic needs at the bottom[1]

Need, or Human need, is the starting point for determining what an RBE must provide, and therefore what The RBE10K Project must focus on. There are two respected Hierarchies of needs: Maslows and Max-neefs. Whilst both of these are strongly attached to the lifestyle of the monetary market system, and therefore may be inadequate (e.g. employment in the "Safety" category) it is the best starting point.

The Needs of the Project are meant to be addressed by Teams working in specific topics. See the list of existing teams and the list of new teams needed.


[edit] Requirements for addressing Project Needs

The needs of the project are directly linked to the objectives of the project. What is needed can be summarised thus:

  • Describe and justify how a particular human need can be addressed through a given technology or a number of alternative technologies
  • Cost the implementation of such technology(s) in terms of time and materials, overall and per person, specifying alternatives where to purchase them and contact information of vendors, and a log of any communications with them
  • Establish the number of people and the skills required for implementation of such technologies at the site of the experiment
  • Establish the minimum budget percentage required to satisfy the particular need worked on, from a budget of $100 million

[edit] Principles and Values in RBE10K

All Needs must be addressed in The RBE10K Project, however these must be addressed in accordance with the project's own objectives, principles and values, which are:

  • Horizontality: There can be no authority other than the one granted voluntarily, for a specific purpose and an agreed duration
  • Voluntarism: There can be no obligation or imposition on anyone; all people are free to do and not do as they find suitable
  • Egalitarianism: Priority access to community's goods and services must be exclusively based on merit.
  • Sustainability: Use of resources and governance rules must be sustainable, i.e. capable of enduring (ideally forever), without ever exceeding the carrying capacity of the available resources
  • Collaboration: All systems must rely on the collaboration of individuals, and the governing systems must avoid competitive practices and also dissuade competitive behaviours
  • Health: Any goods and services provided communally must consider human and environmental health as a top priority, both in terms of maximising health and minimising damage
  • Individuality: Individuality must never be taxed or compromised, i.e. even when conformity might seem the most efficient option, individuality must not only be respected, but be encouraged
  • Privacy: Personal privacy must be protected to the degree of each individual's comfort
  • Self-determination: Personal life goals, objectives, principles, values, standards and ideals, must never be challenged or opposed by the governing systems
  • Personal fulfilment: The governing systems must be concerned with the fulfilment of each individual, according to each individual's particular characteristics
  • Personal responsibility: The governing systems must rely on personal responsibility at all times, and never imposing blame or punishment; social problems must be addressed by optimising the governing systems
  • Social responsibility: The governing systems must encourage social responsibility as much as it does personal responsibility

[edit] Physiological Needs

The RBE10K Project must emphasise and begin by ensuring the physiological needs are covered for.

[edit] Breathing

This refers to the quality of air, which at all times it must be of optimum quality. This applies mostly to the design of enclosed areas, and to machinery and chemistry labs.

[edit] Water

If we establish the community on a clean river, that would provide water for many purposes. Purification methods need researching.

[edit] Food

See Team:Farming_and_gardening and Team:Gastronomy

[edit] Shelter

See Team:Habitation and Team:Dwellings

[edit] Clothing

[edit] Hygiene

Team only exists in Spanish: Team:Higiene

[edit] Medical care

See Team:Medical

[edit] Sex

[edit] Sleep

Sufficient, regular sleep :) Sleeping posture, shape of pillow etc might be worth researching.

[edit] Homeostasis

[edit] Excretion

Compost toilets!

[edit] References

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