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I'm going to say only a few basic things here. I enjoyed reading Fabiovic's description, it is full of important points and is well considered. Fabiovic

In my opinion there is no reason why we cannot consider the culture at large as our biggest resource in our efforts to create the world that we want to see. There is no reason why we cannot demonstrate our aims while sourcing our inputs, including financial inputs, from the community at large. Yes financial inputs. It is ludicrous to expect to be able to transit from the current paradigm to a new one without taking a hold of the tools at hand. We must do that. while also demonstrating...To ourselves, that our ideal way of living works. That means sharing. We all know what it means, in our heart. A resource based economy will always change. It will always shift, depending on the challenges and the resources at hand. It is natural that the resources will match the challenge. That is the beauty.

Think of an organism. any organism will do but the simpler ones make the best examples here. A bacteria colonises a medium in a petri dish. As it grows it circles out and nourishes it's self. It is is taking resources from the edge and sustaining the whole organism. but this can only happen if there is total sharing within the organism. If there is some blockage....well we may call that an unhealthy state. The organism takes those resources and orders them into a structure that serves the purpose of the organism. Do you see what this means? It means that there can be no transition without fully understanding ourselves and each other, sharing in a coherent and selfless way and taking whatever tools necessary to create viable sources of income from the community at large....While we demonstrate our own ability to live by our convictions.

This is a resource based economy set within the challenges of a less than ideal world.

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