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Judy Abraham

Skills: Writing, Researching, Using Microsoft Office Suite, Secretarial, Listening, Songwriting, Singing, Gardening (beginner), DIY (Amateur), Carer, Cleaning [Translate]
Interests: Gardening (hydroponic, permaculture, urban), film making, song writing, reading, building, education (learning - technology html, web design, film making, Spanish, French, German, maths, behavourism, semantics, history, geography), cooking [Translate]
Intends being one of the 10,000 settlers: Depends if I can get the money together. Even if I'm not one of the 10,000 I want this to happen

27 March 2013 - The only way to effect change is to be the change. And in my small way I have begun. Back in August 2012 I had a feeling I should stop eating meat and I did. I don't call myself vegetarian though and I'm not fanatical about it. Although I would very much like it if we all stopped the senseless killing of animals.
I have also started growing some vegetables a thing I have never done before. I was the original ready meal, never cooked much woman. Now I find I am trying to grow tomatoes, broadbeans, cucumbers, onions, shallots, peppers, herbs (basil, watergress, parsley), garlic, butternut squash, strawberries. All in my first floor flat. I am also saving seeds from the fruit and veg I buy. Seeds will become even more valuable as this economic system breaks down more and more. In fact some seeds I saved from some tomatoes I bought I then germinated about 10, of which three seem to be surviving and in fact flowering. Makes me realise even more just how valuable seeds are. I call my plants my babies. LOL and am excited when I see a new growth or a flower. One tip I would offer is instead of buying spring onions from a grocer or supermarket, go to the garden centre and buy them planted. I am desperate to learn about permaculture so I am trying to find a local community garden that I can join. The first time I saw the aquaponics, hydroponics and vertical gardening (Zeitgeist films) it was like a 10,000 watt light bulb turning on in my head. From that moment on I knew not only that there was a better way but that it was closer than I imagined. The only thing that will stop the resourced based economy from working is if egos are not kept in check. A new social system cannot be established with old minds. Egos have to be rigorously checked, not by others but my our own selves. I am constantly reviewing what is happening to me, how I feel, what I say to myself as well as to others. I try not to question how others relate to me now whereas before that is all I would think about. Not any more, it is how I relate to others and I am constantly checking my thoughts and because of that I find I am less anxious, more honest with myself, more calm. I'm rambling on. Anyway I'm glad I've finally contributed. There is so much to do, so much to learn and so much fun to be had. BRING IT ON. Peace out.
Thanks Arby for setting this page up for me.

Wednesday 3 April 2013
Hopefully I want to go to a farming seminar at the end of this month:
Joel Salatin will be coming over from America to teach regenerative farming methods. The only problem is it costs £145 and as I'm not working at the moment I won't be able to come up with the money. However he does have an ecourse which should be good. It's for people with small holdings as well.

Also there is this new indoor herb and vegetable growing system that is now on the market called Urban Cultivator:
The only thing with this is for families I don't think it is really feasible 1) because of the expense and 2) for a family it doesn't look like the greens would last that long and 3) not much variety. However it is on the right path.

Monday 8 April 2013 - This looks really interesting, it isn't really RBE but it's putting forward the idea of everybody in the EU to receive sum of money as a basic human right. I have signed it and I hope it can progress further.

Thursday 18 April 2013 - I have registered with an organisation that links individuals to projects and events that are based around permaculture and/or gardening in general
The flowers on my tomato plant are withering. All the broadbeans I germinated have died. Plus the onions, shallots and garlic I planted did not grow - they gave the impression of growing, the leaves grew, but the bulb did not. Once university is over I must find a community garden.

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