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Skills: French, studying English and Chinese
Interests: ecology, permaculture, sustainable energy, water use, recycling waste, travelling around the world, meeting new people, ecology, self-sufficiency, eco-villages
Intends being one of the 10,000 settlers:

Hi everyone (^_^) !

I am 24 from the F.W.I Guadeloupe (French West Indies). Actually I am studying English and Chinese, will finish my Bachelor this summer. I am very interested in travelling around the world and meeting new people in each places. I want to learn more about ecology and how to be self-sufficient, dreaming of having a small house with a huge garden which will feed me and my neighbors but also be the best pharmacy ever! For sure I do not want that only for my little circle but for the whole world ! I am over with this actual society where everything is corrupt, the humanity eaten by the consumption, profit, power, bank, big companies.

I get to know RBEM by one of the numerous groups I follow on Facebook, I know that RBEM is a great project which want to make show to everyone that what we all want deeply, all be united as a big family in a open community where money and power are not a problem, this project can be done with the participation of all of us and it can definitively work.

I believe in a Resource - Based Economy and think is one of the best solution to change the world as we know it, so for sure when I discovered RBEM I decided to join the project. With my study at the moment I am good in languages but I also want to learn more about ecology like Permaculture, Sustainable energy ( solar, wind etc), how to use water, included rain water, without to waste it and recycle it. In fact I want to help and learn how to built an eco-village completely self-sufficient and respectful of the earth, to spread it to everyone I met or wherever I would live. It is by being united and open that we could change the world!

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Visit the Project Needs page to understand what is required and how to participate. See the RBE10K Project's main page for general information about the project.

Participation in RBE10K Project happens mostly through Teams: check them out to see if there's anyone you'd like to join. If you would like to join a team, identify the team organiser, click on his user, and send him a request by email from the E-mail this user option in toolbox menu at the left of the screen.

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