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The RBEM system can be defined social engineering, i.e. the system is wholly designed as opposed to the emergent result of culture. The success of the RBE10K Project requires careful planning for a great number of things.


[edit] Planning action list

The RBE10K's wiki team is currently engaged in the planning for a restructuring of the wiki, establishing a roadmap, and defining editor practices.

[edit] Location

[edit] Agriculture

[edit] Architecture

[edit] Health Care

RBE10K Settlements will give high priority to health care

[edit] Activities

RBE10K Settlements will have a range of available activities.

[edit] Automation

[edit] Energy

Sharing can save enormous amounts of energy.

[edit] Water

Drinking water

Water for hygiene

Water for cooking

[edit] Food

In order to establish what foods can be selected for production, it is first necessary to establish what foods are available, and their characteristics, so they can be sorted according to particular criteria based on local settlement's resource availability (e.g. abundant or scarce water, abundant or scarce land space, soil fertility, per person calorie target, etc).

[edit] Hygiene

[edit] Audio/video technology

[edit] Internet

[edit] Television

[edit] Audio

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