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The RBE10K Reality TV Show "Is a opportunity, For the audience to observe, Or participate in an alternative lifestyle experiment."

The show will be focusing on the community, We Will Bring together a small group of volunteers (About 20 people) And follow them and their Experiences. Showing what's going on inside the community, Day to day. The volunteers, We will be focusing on will be a Mixture, So that a broad sense, of the range of differences in the community, are understood.

There will be volunteers which Build/Create/Design, Educate, And then people who help out with variety of basic needs.

(Please feel free to state, What you would like to see, In this project.)

[edit] Objectives

The main focus of the TV Show, "Is to bring awareness to as broad an audience, As possible."

[edit] People involved

[edit] Equipment needed

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