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Gaia Cosmos refers to Gaia, the Earth (or Earth's biosphere) as a superorganism, and w:Cosmos, a complex and orderly system, opposite of Chaos. Gaia Cosmos is both a number of strategies for Minimalist RBEM implementation (such as RBE10K), the network of communities implementing one of these strategies, the community at large supporting these strategies, and the Gaianism religion. The term Gaian is used in reference to either supporters of Gaia Cosmos, inhabitants of its communities, and practitioners of the Gaianism religion. Gaia Cosmos, its Minimalist RBEM implementation strategy and approach, and the Gaianism religion are detailed in the Gaianism book.

[edit] Objective

Gaia is used within the context of a Minimalist RBEM for the purpose of developing the necessary culture for adoption of a Resource-Based Economy lifestyle. An RBE lifestyle requires, at least for its initial implementation, a common background or largely shared understanding about ethics, beliefs, principles, objectives, values, protocols, and attitudes functional to certain key features of RBE such as sustainability as a top priority, decision-making without politics, organisation without hierarchies, justice without law, peace without enforcement, productivity without remuneration, and administration without concentration of power.

[edit] Gaianism (book)

Gaianism is currently being written by Gaianism founder Ziggy, in collaboration with several supporters of Gaianism and the RBE10K implementation strategy. The book is written directly on this wiki, and invites the community of supporters to participate with material, sections, questions, ideas, and translation.

[edit] References

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