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Gaianism is a book being written by Ziggy in collaboration with supporters of RBE, Minimalist RBE (MRBE), and the RBE10K Project, about the design of new cultural values and behaviours, in the form of a religion, functional to the implementation of viable RBE communities within the framework of pre-existing cultures. The book focuses mostly on values and behaviours, but also deals with technical requirements and proposals for said implementation. The book is written in the form of a wiki, with chapters in individual pages, however an edited version is maintained here.

[edit] Sections

  1. Introduction

[edit] Pending topics

  1. Culture
  2. Effective and Non-violent Communication
  3. Ethics, Morals & Beliefs
  4. Academia & Education
  5. Production
  6. Consumption
  7. Science & Technology
  8. Administration, Coordination & Decision Making
  9. Behavioural Rules and Agreements (in place of laws and regulation)
  10. Freedom, Responsibility & Respect
  11. Dealing with Harm & Conflict
  12. Health & Nutrition
  13. Housing
  14. Efficiency (e.g. Nutrition - the most efficient way to produce and feed people)
  15. Criteria for participation on an RBE
  16. Authority & Horizontality/Grassroots
  17. Sustainability, Environmental Impact & Waste
  18. Equality, Fairness and Justice
  19. Security, Privacy & Safety
  20. Relationships, Family & Sex
  21. Rights & Responsibilities
  22. Property & Ownership
  23. Needs, Wants & Desires
  24. Special Needs and Circumstances
  25. Art, Games and Entertainment
  26. Transport
  27. Health Care & Age Care
  28. The meaning and value of life (life pursuits)
  29. Religions, Spirituality & Belief Systems
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