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Welcome to RBEM Wiki, a website devoted to collecting and sharing objective and empirical information about the Resource-Based Economic Model (RBEM), originally described by Jacque Fresco. It also welcomes its use by any movements, projects and supporting groups who intend to implement some form of RBEM.

RBEM Wiki is a free and collaboratively edited Internet encyclopedia proposed to the community originally by Sydney TZM activists. It borrows from the experience of the Wikipedia editors (the Wikipedians), who have developed and refined a system that achieved general consensus in a great number of topics by means of crowdsourcing.

This Knowledge-base is written in English. Started in 2012, it currently contains 114 articles. For more information about how to contribute and other technical details, please visit RBEMWiki:About.



The mission of this Knowledgebase is to:

  • Define clearly what are the common and personal understandings of the idea of a Resource-Based Economic Model for the various groups that actively support it
  • Provide a common space for recording relevant information about each activist and supporting group, such as structure, mission, links, codes of conduct, contact details, etc
  • Provide a space for RBEM-related material that is not yet suitable for the Wikipedia itself

Main topics in this knowledge-base


Help! What do I do?

For some ideas on how to begin, see Starting out.

Why not use Wikipedia for this?

The Wikipedia is concerned with what's factual, requiring very stringent referencing system in an academic style. Whilst this is a great way to ensure the maximum quality for a crowdsourced encyclopaedia, it becomes unsuitable for projects like this one. Unlike Wikipedia, this knowledge-base is concerned with the development of a set of ideas, evaluating proposals, and discussing approaches for action. For more information see what Wikipedia is not, especially regarding speculative content.

Any articles in this knowledgebase which achieve a degree of quality appropriate for Wikipedia (e.g. factual, objective, neutral, well-referenced) could, and probably should, be relocated into the Wikipedia. Once this knowledgebase reaches a sizeable number of great quality articles, it might be possible to join the MediaWiki Interwiki network.

How is this Wiki related to The Zeitgeist Movement?

This website was conceived, and initially registered, as part of a chapter project within The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM), with the name of TZMWiki. Its original purpose was to document information about TZM, specifically, and the Resource-Based Economic Model matters in general. However, there was little to none interest in using this wiki by TZM Global or any other chapters, and that original purpose was since superseded by the one stated in the Mission.

How is this Wiki related to The Venus Project?

This website honours Jacque Fresco in that he devoted half of his life to develop and promote his idea of a Resource-Based Economy. However this wiki does not devote to The Venus Project's specific idea of a RBE, which is intertwined with their implementation strategy for a worldwide RBE. TVP activists are most welcomed to participate of this knowledgebase, e.g. by helping define and document aspects of a RBE, or to use it for documenting some of their own information.

How is this Wiki related to the RBE10K Project?

Both this knowledgebase and The RBE10K Project were created by the same activist, Ziggy. Also, the RBE10K Project planning is mostly based on this wiki, to be used between 2013 and the end of 2014.

Who funds this website?

It only costs $13 per month to run, plus around $10 per year for the domain. The cost is currently covered by Ziggy.


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