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Technical Resources in this context are all websites, businesses, manufacturers, organisations etc that provide information, services, materials or technology associated with the requirements of RBE or RBE-like implementation projects. The purpose of this page is, in conjunction with Sister Projects, keeping a comprehensive list of such resources for quick access when needed.


[edit] Websites

[edit] Guides

[edit] Commercial Educational Services

[edit] Machinery vendors and catalogs

[edit] Nutrition

[edit] Agriculture

[edit] Permaculture

[edit] Construction

[edit] Creative architecture

[edit] Solar Technologies

[edit] Industry

[edit] New to review

(All the following were obtained from

[edit] Medical

[edit] Tools & Manufacturing

[edit] Movements & Organizations

[edit] Alternative Economics / Currency

[edit] Construction

[edit] Education

[edit] Law / Legal

[edit] Theory General

[edit] Biotechnology

[edit] Cars / Drones/ Transportation

[edit] Community / Social

[edit] Construction

[edit] Energy generation / Power

[edit] Food Production

[edit] Economics

[edit] Education

[edit] Electronics and General Automation

[edit] Health / Medical

[edit] Open Source Hardware, General

[edit] Research, General

[edit] Open Source Software

[edit] Textiles

[edit] Telecommunications

[edit] Tools & Manufacturing

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