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[edit] (The pursuit of) Happiness

The pursuit of happiness is a straightforward life goal that goes back to Aristotle and the United States' Declaration of Independence.

[edit] Religious (or non rational) life goals

Life goals can in some cases transcend the personal. These goals differ from non-religious life goals in that they transcend the ego. A goal can be to 'live under God' (to serve God, US Declaration of Independence), or to reach 'nirvana' or enlightenment trough meditation and reflection, or some similar non organized and more personal form of transcending the ego.

[edit] Love and procreation

Procreation is one of the core pillars of life. In a way it is a precarious and difficult subject. Frequent intercourse has many advantages but it may result in population growth, so that the community gets stressed. Children need lots of care and food may become scarce. Anti conception medicine can take care of this problem, but this measure is extremely unnatural and when humans intervene in nature the results are often detrimental. The AIDS epidermic sadly separated humans even further from nature, by forcing them to use (or consider using) condoms. Modern medicine is on its way to completely eradicate AIDS, but anti conception medicine, and the difference in life choices it enables, might create further problems. Procreation is not a subject to be taken lightly.

User:Wouter.drucker/Love is another important pillar in human life.

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