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[edit] Positive psychology

Lack of psychological health stems from a lack of positive life goals, rather than some inner conflict or malfunction. A lack of health is an indicator the project is failing on other terrains. Health shouldn't be a focus but should fall into place automatically if people are allowed to pursue their interests.

[edit] Food

[edit] Reasons not to restrict intake of rich foods

Obesity is sometimes associated with taking in too much energy rich foods, such as fatty hamburgers or sweet drinks and candy. The problem is thought to have arisen when industrialization made rich food abundant. The other way of looking at it is to associate it with lack of exercise, physical as well as mental, this is also a relatively new phenomenon. It might be better to focus attention on increasing exercise instead of decreasing intake, because the community will be more productive. For example, heavy physical exercise (such as mountain biking for four hours straight) has great benefits for physical and mental health, but such activity might become impossible when restricting caloric intake. Children are well known for craving sweet foods. Depriving them of these energy rich substances might hinder their development, as their growing brains require large amounts of energy.

A second reason not to restrict rich foods is that there are no profit incentives to counteract. There is no one profiting from people eating more than they need.

[edit] Sleep

Problems with sleep are prevailant. Dealing with the problem directly involves going against ones own body and this is always bound to fail. Positive psychology theory applies here as well. Also when having deviant sleeping patterns, 'normalcy' should never be a goal. Lots of people are active at night (if you live in a city you know this, look outside at any time during the night and you will see lights burning everywhere), and sleeping trough late in the day doesn't make one any less of a human being.

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