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[edit] Being bold when it comes to automation in the Rbe10K Project

Say 50 people were to share 1 washing machine and 1 wash dryer (think about how much you use your machine). They buy the best: 2400 total. That's 48,- per person for not having to handwash clothes for forty years! Think of everything they can do with that time (and think about how the human brain is always creating, think about the natural potential of the brain in general).

Now energy. A very good washing machine uses about 750 W [1] a good dryer about 150 W [2]. Say 1000 W. 400,- worth of solar panels gives you about 200W in good locations (south of Romania, Mid/South of Spain), to 120W in okay locations (north of Romania). Take 100 W. That's 4000 worth of solar panels. Divide by 50 = 80.

So a total of 128,- per person (88,- in sunnier locations) gives you the luxury of not having to wash, or hang clothes.. for 40 years! All that time you can engage in HIGHER things. And EVERYBODY will profit from that!

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