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I am a member of the Sydney chapter of the Zeitgeist movement and advocate something called a SEFE


[edit] Sustainable Environment Focused Economy

It means exactly what it sounds like. An economy that is not only, but predominately, focused on sustainability.

[edit] What is the difference between an RBE and a SEFE?

A SEFE is what most people mean when they talk about an RBE. But it is not a bland, ambiguous phrase like RBE is. It tells you exactly what you mean by the words you use. You mean sustainability.

[edit] Why advocate a SEFE as opposed to an RBE?

There are several good reasons as to why a SEFE (or something similar) should be advocated over an RBE. But the biggest reason I would say is. Resource-based-economy is a very bland very vague, general phrase. It's not very intuitive, requires a lot of further explanation, and is redundant. For every economy is resource based. That is the definition of what an economy is. The management of resources. Saying you advocate an RBE is like saying you advocate circular shaped wheels. It's like saying you advocate food based diets.

Another great reason is that an RBE is what TVP advocates. And it is often associated with circular cities and high tech computer management, for good reason. Because that is what Jacque Fresco (the guy who coined the term) means when he talks about an RBE. He tried to trademark it and could not even get it because it was deemed too generic.

If TZM is not advocating circular cities, and the kind of society that TVP wants, why are we trying to make the same word mean a different thing?

The same word that didn't ever really mean anything to begin with.

[edit] Oskar Gonzalez

Oskar Gonzalez[1] makes the case that the monetary system is just an emergant property. He makes the analogy of a baseball game. That the baseball game only exists for as long as the players want to play. If the players all get hungry and go off and have lunch. The baseball game no longer exists. He uses this analogy to demonstrate how in the same way, the monetary system only exists if there are enough players who want to play the game.

He also makes the argument that we already have a resource based economy with our friends and family. The problem is simply that on the global scale when we interact with strangers we operate under the monetary based economy[2].

Micro resource based economies exist all over the place, the problem is a lack of networking and connection between them that stops a true community RBE forming[3].

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