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The Telaithrion Project is being actively developed since 2010 by Free & Real, a Greek non-profit organisation founded by Apostolos Sianos and others in 2007. It is set-up in 1.2ha of land in Mount Telaithrion, in the municipality of Istiaia-Aidipsos, northern Euboea, Central Greece. The project aims at implementing a communal, sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle, open sourcing of information, freeconomy, constructive collaboration, and plans on concentrating Free & Real's resources and buildings in it.

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Free & Real is a non-profit, non-government organisation established in 2007. Currently set as an experimental micro sustainable community, it was founded by Apostolos Sianos and others, who currently run it in collaboration with a small number of permanent and temporary community members. Free & Real has activities in three locations: the workshop and general living space in a property in the Agios Village, a sleeping area with three Yurts in a property 5km from the workshop, and The Telaithrion Project in 1.2ha of land in Mount Telaithrion at about 15km from the workshop.

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