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Free & Real is a non-profit, non-government organisation established in 2007, located 200km North-West of Athens, in the municipality of Istiaia-Aidipsos, northern Euboea, Central Greece. Currently set as an experimental micro sustainable community, it was founded by Apostolos Sianos and others, who currently run it in collaboration with permanent and temporary community members. The community currently consists of 6 members. Free & Real has activities in three locations: the workshop and general living space in a property in the Agios Village, a sleeping area with three Yurts in a property 5km from the workshop, and The Telaithrion Project in 1.2ha of land in Mount Telaithrion at about 15km from the workshop.


[edit] The Telaithrion Project

Free & Real's current main project is The Telaithrion Project, which is in active development. It currently consists of some agricultural developments, and counts with a large dome where Free & Real runs workshops and seminars.

[edit] Self sufficiency

Free & Real aims at implementing as many self sufficient and sustainable practices as practicable. It produces some of their food and other resources like oil, but at this time it obtains most of it from third parties, mostly purchasing from friendly merchants at discounted prices or as donations. Free and Real's running costs are currently covered by the fees obtained through workshops and seminars they offer on a variety of topics like sawing and soap making.

[edit] Food

Free & Real produces a variety of vegetables that are mostly consumed by the community.

[edit] Health

Free & Real attempts at maintaining health through diet consisting of mostly fruit during the day, and a plant-based diet dinner of salads and home made hot foods and breads, and the occasional inclusion of eggs, cheese and honey in some of the dishes or garnishes. It also produces a variety of medicinal herbs, which are used in infusions, tinctures, and cremes. They produce their own soap bars with stale olive oil, lye and aromatic herbs, and which can be used for personal hygiene and dishwashing, and liquified for use in laundry.

[edit] Structures

Free & Real has constructed two domes, a small one at the workshop currently used as a nursery greenhouse, and a large one at Telaithrion used mainly for workshops on week-ends. It has built three yurts, currently used for sleeping by some of the community members and visitors. They have also built the workshop structure at the workshop site.

[edit] Technology

Free & Real uses dry toiletry, and composts the human waste, excluding the toilet paper.

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