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TZM Sydney Chapter Meetup Minutes 29 October 2016


[edit] Participants

  • David
  • Stuart
  • Isura
  • Ziggy
  • Belinda
  • Matt

[edit] Agenda

  • TZM Australia meetup in Melbourne in September
  • Z-Day March 2017 in Brisbane
  • Movies that Matter (failure of last meetup, how to move forward from here)
  • Street activism

[edit] Minutes

  • Round of introductions (initiated by David!)
    • Personal background, how they got engaged in TZM, and interests
    • Isura talked about planned obsolescence
    • Ziggy mentioned the importance of developing a core group
  • Z-Day
    • David proposed inviting Peter to give a talk in Sydney
    • Ziggy proposed that we book airfare early, and book an AirBnB together
    • Invite Russell Brand to Z-Day! Naomi Klein
  • Movies that matter
    • Stuart mentioned that Lane Cove has lots of progressive people who could be interested, and distribute leaflets at MTM
    • Ziggy proposed having blocks of three movies defined, and define the next three before we show the last one. Define the next group of movies via Poll. Be always clear on what film to advertise, at least two weeks in advance.
    • Naomi Klein's book This Changes Everything has an associated film, for which she allows puppet screenings
    • Cost: $9 per half hour, we book 4 slots (2 hours), and we can extend if needed. They accept cash only, we will rotate who pays for the event on each showing
  • Street activism - Leaflets
    • Review, print, target Uni students
  • Chapter activism coordination
    • David proposed using a system alternative to Facebook Messenger, such as WhatsApp or Slack

[edit] Movies That Matter


  • 12 November: Human Resources (Behavioural Economics)
  • 10 December: (Structural Violence) - Decide through a poll coming up this Wednesday, and to be decided by the time the November film is shown
  • Next three films and dates to be discussed on the 12th November

Changed the Team TZMSYD Film Nights to TZMSYD Movies That Matter, the page requires work.

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