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TZM Sydney Chapter minutes for 9 July 2016 meeting.

The meeting took place at the Sydney Mechanics' School of Arts, at 1PM, and there were about 15 participants, about half of them newcomers. Most people that came to the previous meeting were present.


[edit] Minutes

Meeting topic: Teams and Projects

[edit] Notes

Australia is not listed in the Chapters page of website.

It was mentioned that in these times, networking through social media is more effective that street activism.

[edit] Projects

The meeting was geared towards discussing chapter projects, and the creation of teams to coordinate efforts and resources for each project.

The following projects were proposed:

  • (Terry) Find out which activities and events are being done around the world, and which ones are popular/effective
  • (Peter, Dan) Setting the Australian and/or Sydney chapters as a non-profit
  • (Stuart) Film nights / seminars
  • (Morgan) Social media (radio / YouTube / Twitter / Facebook / others to research)

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