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The TZM Sydney Chapter's activities are organised and run by Teams, which are listed below. Anyone can request joining a Team, or propose (and being coordinating) a Team during one of the fortnightly chapter meet-ups.

Teamwork is an essential component of TZM Sydney Chapter. Teams allow for self-governance and make participation easier, as participants are then able to rely on each other's skills and experience. Whilst Teams have freedom to work on any subject, their intended purpose is addressing the specific goals of The Zeitgeist Movement.

Teams are intended to be small groups of chapter activists who maintain frequent contact (ideally in person), consensuate all decisions pertaining to their Team, and perform their activities with ample approval and support from all the chapter activists. A team may start being run by a single person, however they should strive for garnering support and work as a group. Teams are also encouraged to be small enough to enable a satisfactory level of self-governance.


[edit] Purpose

A Team is an organisation unit working within the orbit and approval of the TZM Sydney Chapter as a whole, performing one specific activity as a small group effort. A team has full autonomy and freedom, and can use its Team Wiki Page for recording any information they would consider appropriate or convenient.

[edit] Creating or joining a Team

New activities and events can be proposed at any fortnightly Chapter Meet-up. Any activist can propose a new project, and if welcomed by the group, create and help/coordinate a Team around it. This wiki can serve as a tool for documenting and, to some degree, coordinating efforts. Teams are free to accept or reject new members by whichever reasons they consider suitable.

[edit] Offers and Requests

Teams can make requests directly on their own specific Team page. To view the list of current requests go to the Current Requests section in the offers and requests page. Likewise, to view the list of current offers, go to the Current Offers section in the offers and requests page.

[edit] Teams List

The following is a list of TZM Sydney Chapter's Teams, which organise and coordinate chapter activities and events.

Ziggy (temporary)
TZM Sydney Chapter's research for activities and events conducted in other chapters around the world, and inform and assist our chapter their local implementation
TZM Sydney Chapter's coordination and administration
Stuart  User:Ziggy  
RBEM Wiki authoring and maintenance; TZM Sydney Chapter's production and distribution of flyers
Dan (temporary)
TZM Sydney Chapter's project for setting the local chapter up as a non-profit organisation, and eventually its administration and coordination
TZM Sydney Chapter's social media administration, and content creation and supervision
RBEM Wiki authoring and maintenance; TZM Sydney Chapter's Speakers
RBEM Wiki authoring and maintenance; TZM Sydney Chapter's Wiki user support

[edit] Project Members List

The following is a list of all users registered with the TZM Sydney Chapter:

Licensed lawyer, potential cult leader
Law, technology, libertarianism, 3D printing
Media, Social media
ecology, psychology, child development, permaculture, reading
software development (programming), wiki (MediaWiki) admin, TZM chapter coordination
RBE, earthship (housing), teams support, wiki structure, solar updraft tower (energy), nutrition (food), values
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