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[edit] Jacque Fresco

Most of the notions about a Resource-Based Economy produced by The Venus Project come directly from Jacque Fresco's books and interviews.[citation needed] The concept of a Resource-Based Economy was developed by Jacque Fresco and explained extensively in his book The Best that Money Can't Buy[1].

[edit] Interviews

[examples needed]

[edit] Presentation videos

A quick rundown of basic Resource-Based Economy notions can be found in a YouTube presentation video which was also embedded as a heading in The Venus Project's website's Resource-Based Economy page. In the video, Jacque Fresco makes the following statements:

  • What a RBE is NOT
    • "It is entirely different than anything that has ever existed in the past" [0:07-0:14]
    • It is not a technocracy [02:56-03:12]]
  • Premises of a RBE
    • A principle of sustainability of the natural environment (extravagance of the island) [0:23-0:41]
    • Production based on the best technical advice to achieve sustainability [01:16-01:27]
    • Arriving at decisions using technical methods as opposed to making decisions by consensus [01:27-01:41]
    • Decisions are made by people with technical competence instead of political or democratic means [02:00-02:16] (needs to expand on his mention of areas you wish to excel in: how are these areas decided or arrived at?)
    • In order to avoid conflicts around sharing resources, a RBE has to be global [03:37-04:02]
    • The needs of the people in a city must be met by the city itself using nearby resources (systems operations) [04:16-04:44]
    • Public access to information about current and future availability of goods and services [04:45-05:00] (needs to expand on the open nature of this information)
    • Open access to goods and services as (opposed to ownership) [04:55-05:10]
    • Conservative use of energy (and resources?); availability to all people [05:11-05:36]
    • Use of automation instead of labour; freedom for all to pursuit personal interests without the need for work [05:42-06:14]
    • In a RBE there is no need for money [07:15-07:24]
    • All resources are declared the common heritage of all the world's people; bring all the separate nations together in one unified system [07:51-08:23]

[edit] The Venus Project's website

In the Resource-Based Economy page of The Venus Project's website, the heading statement says that "In a resource-based economy all of the world's resources are held as the common heritage of all of Earth's people [...]"

[edit] Criticism

The Venus Projects' notions of a Resource-Based Economy have been criticised by Economists, notable activists in The Zeitgeist Movement[vague][citation needed].

Ziggy, a voluntarist and founder of The RBE10K Project, criticises The Venus Project in his own user page.

[edit] References

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