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There is no consensus yet about how to implement the ideas of a Resource-Based Economic Model[neutrality is disputed].


[edit] Bottom-up and Top-down approaches

Advocates of bottom-up approaches argue for starting with RBEM implementation projects soon, for incrementally developing the implemented methods and for incrementally increasing the participation, either on a individual basis or by including more and more people[citation needed]. Advocates of top-down approaches rather think that people could be distracted from the general RBEM ideas because of problems that arise from specific RBEM implementation projects. They support educating as many people as possible and planning as many details as possible, before starting to implement a Resource-Based Economy[citation needed]. Of course also hybrid approaches are conceivable.

[edit] Pros and Cons of Bottom-Up Approaches

[edit] Pros and Cons of Top-Down Approaches

[edit] Degrees of interaction with the Monetary Market System

[edit] Training Arena

RBE Training Arenas (RBE-TAs) may be an option for enabling currently established communities to begin a gradual transformation into an RBE. With RBE-TAs developing all over a web of support for experimental settlements, settlements could be like graduate school.

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