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The RBE10K Project aims at collaborating with as many projects as possible in any areas of common interest for R&D.

[edit] One Community Global

One Community is a non-profit organisation purposed for what they call The Highest Good of All, and creating open source and free-shared blueprints for sustainable communities including food, energy, housing, for-profit and non-profit business models, education, society, resource based economy implementation, and more. The organisation pledges allegiance to the Earth and all beings that inhabit it, and to peace and liberty.

Whilst One Community does not provide an synthetic description for the concept of Highest Good or Highest Good of All, in their FAQ they state the following:

We believe the foundations of operating and making decisions for The Highest Good of All comes from a combination of really thinking globally to consider what is best for everyone, being careful not to become ideological in one’s approach, and a commitment to honesty and transparency so that all the components of the One Community approach and philosophy are engaged and participated in by those who agree with this approach and philosophy.

where thinking globally seems to mean a strategy for global sustainability.

One Community and RBE10K share many characteristics and goals, which provides an excellent opportunity for cooperation. Currently the projects are cooperating on Food production, with RBE10K relying on One Community's wealth of research already conducted and their design of production systems they call Aquapinis and Walipinis. One Community, on the other hand, will benefit from RBE10K's research on food's nutritional aspects.

One Community is currently requesting assistance in the following areas:

  • Aquapini:
    • 3D drawings based on the Aquapini design (see above link)
    • Engineering of the whole structure, starting with the roof
    • Updating materials costs: there is this very detailed assessment however the designs have evolved greatly since then and the assessment needs an update, which will likely bring the cost down. For instance now instead of 64 doors there are only 6, and instead of 32 circulating pumps now it needs only 6 (3 for use and 3 for backup - note that the whole test system currently runs on a single pump).

[edit] Sleepbox

Sleepbox is a UK company who sells Sleepboxes, which are luxury tiny resting units for airports and train stations. Their manufacturer, based in Russia, is working on a number of designs according to our specifications and budget of $750 per unit.

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