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The RBE10K Project has unique purposes and strategies. Although many other projects have been attempted with apparently similar goals, the strategies have been significantly different. Even the goals pursued, if analysed carefully, quickly show that the goals are also significantly different.

[edit] Differences with The Venus Project

Perhaps the main difference between the projects is that The Venus Project (TVP) is more humanist, whilst RBE10K is more structuralist or even post-structuralist. The following lists of differences are by no means comprehensive, however they illustrate some of the key differences between the projects.

Unlike TVP, RBE10K does NOT:

  • depend on technologies that are not readily available and easily accessible
  • seek to collude or influence governments and corporations to change
  • expect or envisage large high-tech round cities
  • promulgate a grand-unified global system

Instead, RBE10K promotes:

  • having RBE be more about the way individuals interact with each other, and less about physical infrastructure
  • implementing as soon as possible, relying only on the resources at hand
  • engaging only with individuals, avoiding businesses, companies and governments

[edit] Differences with The Zeitgeist Movement

These cannot really compare as they have different aims and purposes. First of all, The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) is engaged in raising awareness about the problems with current society and proposing a RBE as a solution, whilst RBE10K Project is not engaged in raising awareness but on experimenting with a RBE community directly. Whilst the RBE10K Project will likely assist in raising awareness about RBE, it is not its main purpose, and TZM has a much better structure for that purpose.

[edit] Differences with Transition towns and other sustainable approaches

The key difference between these is the social engineering aspect of RBE. Transition Towns and similar projects are generally a different social model altogether, focusing on improving some characteristics of the current system, or even going back to pre-industrial systems, whilst the RBE10K project seek to redesign the whole social structure (social engineering) making full use of currently available knowledge and technologies. There have been and currently exist many communities with sustainability in mind like transition towns, hippy communes, and projects like The Peckham Experiment, however none of these have embraced both social engineering, automation, a non-monetary system, and voluntarism.

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