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Everybody is welcome to participate in The RBE10K Project. However, it is essential that all volunteers agree on a number of values and objectives in order to have a positive (rather than a negative) participation. These agreements are a work in progress, and will likely evolve and refine over time. Any requests for adding, removing or altering any of the proposed agreements can be made by anyone directly using the Discussion tab at the header of the page.

It is paramount that participants of the project have a good understanding of a Resource-Based Economic Model (RBEM). Such information can be found in this Wiki, in the Zeitgeist Moving Forward and Zeitgeist: Addendum films at http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com, the Paradise or Oblivion film and other resources on http://www.thevenusproject.com, and in The Zeitgeist Movement's website http://www.thezeitgeistmovement.com. For those who find objections to the RBE system it may be more adequate participating on other projects like Transition Towns, or even a political party or a church.

[edit] Agreements for participation in The RBE10K Project

Any activists willing to participate in the RBE10K Project should honestly agree with the great majority of the following:

  • I agree not to attempt to denature the core objectives of the RBE10K Project (i.e. a minimalist/eco-communalist RBE experiment)
  • I want to help construct a future where every human being has their needs addressed, and is free from obligation
  • I want to help ensure that Humanity will no longer be a vector for environmental and ecological degradation and diversity reduction
  • I agree that claims for truth, goodness, or morality are not absolute but represent a cultural point of view [1] [2]
  • I pledge to frequently seek information to challenge my powerful convictions[3]
  • I respect any adult individual's freedom for self-determination, even if I have reason to believe they're self-harming
  • I will protect, within my possibilities, any individual from another individual's physical or psychological abuse
  • I accept that my personal opinion is not any more relevant than any other individual's personal opinion in any given matter
  • I agree that the RBE10K Project must remain primarily evidence-based and follow the scientific method of enquiry
  • I choose to avoid anti-social behaviours and those who promote them, focusing instead on solving the social or cultural trait that lead to those behaviours
  • I accept that despite differences existing in individuals' preferences, ideology, values and standards, all individuals without exception are equal
  • I agree that the concept of nations and races are contrivances and have no merit or relevance in a RBE
  • I agree to accept the wisdom of the collective in this project (i.e. overwhelming consensus rather than the majority) even when I personally disagree with a decision
  • If I choose to volunteer for the experimental settlement, I agree not to pursue the acquisition of property nor differential advantage
  • I agree not to claim ownership of any products of my physical or intellectual contributions to this project

[edit] References

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