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This page is a translated version of a page RBE10K/Community and the translation is 25% complete.

The Community that will fulfil RBE10K Project's design and plan is an international community of people who feel an alignment between their own principles and values and those of the RBE10K Project's. Regardless of their current circumstances and their possibilities, they would like to move to one of the settlements being planned.

The first step in defining this community will be choosing a name for it. Whilst not a nation our a country, it must be a defining name, a term to identify and distinguish this community, especially from the monetary market system economy, and the name must also allow for a demonym so that it can be used to both identify the community as a whole and any individuals who identify with it, whereas they live in one of these settlements or not.

The following guidelines can help choosing a name fit for the purpose:

  1. be akin to a country name, e.g. be easily translatable or pronounced in many languages, and allow for a demonym
  2. symbolise the principles and values of RBE10K's particular implementation of RBE
    • embrace oneness (me = we), and accept dynamic equilibrium
    • respect and embrace the whole of humanity and Nature
    • exalt the values of equality/horizontality, freedom/self determination/volunteerism, openness/transparency/truth, inclusiveness/compassion
    • reject patriotism, borders, privileges, bureaucracy, and property
  3. include in this page a conceptual description supporting each choice

[edit] Nomes propostos

[edit] Gaia Diaspora / Gaian

Gaia is the primal Greek godess of the Earth. Gaia also represents the notion of the stability of Earth's natural systems, which is akin to RBE's notion of dynamic equilibrium. There is also already a Gaia Movement, which is a network of organisations focused on sustainable practices, which is also one of the main focuses of RBE10K. There is as well a concept of Gaia philosophy, which proposes that living organisms improve their environment, something that Humans are decidedly not doing (from the perspective of conservation of naturally evolved processes that allowed for our own species to appear and develop), and something that RBE is committed to do: return Nature to its pristine condition. Gaia, the living Earth, is a concept which is compatible with RBE's biopsychosocial nature and dynamic equilibrium, however with a component of poetry and mysticism added.

A Diaspora is a Greek word for scattering/dispersion, and is commonly used for people dispersed by whatever cause to more than one location. The nature of these communities will be that of a diaspora, i.e. people that feel connected under a cause and are dispersed throughout the world, without a land to call home other than the Earth itself. Furthermore, more than describing the scattered nature of people aligned with values and principles of RBE or RBE10K Project, Gaia Diaspora intends to intentionally identify itself as a diaspora, rejecting notions of patriotism and borders.

Gaians would be those who live all over Gaia and belonging to it, as opposed to having the Earth belong to humans. Gaians, by definition, would refuse the concept of country, and wouldn't have a flag or any other patriotic symbols. The name Gaia Diaspora then has to do with willingly renouncing from taking possession or defining boundaries, acknowledging our belonging to the Earth instead, and pledging to assisting with its restoration to its pre-industrial or pristine state.

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