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The Gaia Cosmos Website is the primary system for engaging in participation, coordination and discussion in the Gaia Cosmos project.


[edit] Problem and Opportunity

The problem with the predecessor project, The RBE10K Project, was the lack of a simple and engaging interface for participation. The only interface provided by RBE10K is currently this wiki. Gaia Cosmos, being a rebranding of The RBE10K Project, can be based from the start on a functional portal, so contributors can participate in any of many ways, either in discussion forums, making proposals, voting proposals, organising teams of action, and much more.

[edit] Project Goal

Having supporters of Gaia Cosmos be fully engaged in the use of this interface.

[edit] Project Objectives

  1. Brainstorm ideas for features
  2. Engage developers
  3. Brainstorm design and feature implementation
  4. Develop the website
  5. Promote the website through social media
  6. Go back to #1 for further features in a follow-up version

[edit] Project Background

[edit] Target Solution and Overall approach

[edit] Project Scope

[edit] Planning Framework

[edit] Organisation

[edit] Outcomes - Success Criteria

[edit] Assumptions and Constraints

[edit] Assumptions

[edit] Constraints

[edit] Risks

[edit] Estimated Cost

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