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Acid fruits are botanical fruits which are usually eaten as part of a meal as opposed to a dessert. While these are botanically fruits, they are considered vegetables for culinary purposes.

[edit] Tomato

"Tomato" refers to one of the many varieties of a plant of the nightshade family, or its edible, typically red, fruit. It originated in México, and is often grown in greenhouses in cooler climates. The tomato is consumed in diverse ways, including raw, as an ingredient in many dishes and sauces, and in drinks. The fruit is rich in lycopene, which may have beneficial health effects. The plants typically grow to 1–3 meters (3–10 ft) in height and have a weak stem that often sprawls over the ground and vines over other plants. It is a perennial in its native habitat, although often grown outdoors in temperate climates as an annual. An average common tomato weighs ~100 grams.

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