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Skills: building and installing new software on computers [Translate]
Interests: comedy, comedy writing [Translate]
Intends being one of the 10,000 settlers:

Hi everyone,

My name is Eugene Baxter, (from Sydney Australia) and my interests are building and installing new software on computers (particularly the latest Windows operating systems and all of the computers' drivers. So needless to say, I am very passionate about installing computers as a beginner enthusiast.

My other skills are with comedy and I am currently looking into an introduction into comedy writing.

I am passionate about finding an alternative to our disfunctional society particularly one that is not hijacked by leaders and hierarchies.

I would love to make comedy skits for the RBE10K to keep the participants entertained whilst tapping into my natural creative talent.

I am very passionate about making pirated sotware, music and videos into freeware for people that are not able to participate in the financial purchasing of intellectual property.

I don't have 10,000 dollars to my name and don't have very good physical health due to Arthritis etc, but I can see the potential in an RBE city being built.

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