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Uniorder refers to Unified World Order and means a cooperative society.


[edit] Objective

Uniorder has the purpose of expand the concept of family to the entire globe. This project does not require the creation of settlements - it can start at anyones home.

[edit] Unformal Transition plan

Unformal plan:

    • Do nothing. The cooperative society is inevitable.
    • Do not vote for political parties.
    • Spread the idea of cooperation.
    • Build cooperative communities.
    • Demand the government to implement the Uniorder. When blank votes plus null votes exceed the votes on political parties.

[edit] Technical Transition plan

The Uniorder project propose a way of start living today in a cooperative society. Plan:

    • Declare accept human rights for all
    • Create a ATM system where everybody has the same amount of money and this amount depends on the wealth of society.
    • Create a human resources program to manage: school, work, health, entertainment, etc.
    • Create a material resources program to manage society resources.

[edit] Uniorder (book)

The original book is available for free on http://uniorder.org.

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