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The RBE10K Project intends to address all concerns raised, dealing with conflicts by documenting reasons for each claim and dispute, researching and quantifying the validity for each reason, and arriving at the best possible outcome to maximise the degree of consensus.

[edit] RBE10K Project name

The name of the RBE10K Project is contentious as a result of the inclusion of the accronim RBE as part of the name. Since TZM and TVP have been invested for several years in the advocacy of a form of RBEM which is dissimilar than that of the RBE10K Project, should the project become popular, the variances introduced by the project to the concept of a RBE using the same name could cause confusion and adverse effects in the perception of the objectives TZM and TVP have pursued throughout the years. Considering the longer history and invested effort in promoting TVP's original form of RBE, TVP and some TZM activists consider appropriate requesting that the RBE10K Project be renamed to prevent such potential confusion and adverse effects in popular perception.

[edit] Concerns raised through discussion threads

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