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[edit] Romania

The country is relatively cheap. If we can settle in an area that has glassfiber, internet would cost virtually nothing. Building the solar tower might very well be 10-30% cheaper because of lower labor costs. Romania has the fastest internet network of Europe.

Romania is hit hard by the financial crisis. We should do what we can to help the local community.

Winters can be cold. The mass concept of earthships might give us some relief.

[edit] Forests

Romania is not to densely populated and has got a lot of forest. Forests provide cooling due to their capacity to hold water. 47% of the country is covered by natural or semi natural ecosystems.

[edit] Spread out settlement

Settlement would be spread out, so people would have space.

[edit] Hunting

Hunting is allowed in certain parts in Romania, the forests are so vast that the ecosystem can support some hunting. Hunting would provide the opportunity for people to go back to their roots, it would be mentally engaging. Hunted food would taste good and be healthy.

Hunting would not use guns:

  • not sustainable (too effective)
  • too easy
  • too dangerous

[edit] Communication technology

Glassfiber is very cheap: 150Mbps = 10 EUR / month[1]

Wifi is available at campings and vacation parks [2]

A location has to be chosen that is both remote and has some internet network.

[edit] Energy

The country is favorable for renewable energy [3]

Because of his placement, Romania is situated in the European B sunlight, which gives the country a major solar potential waiting to be tapped. With 210 sunny days a year, Romania is eligible for annual energy flow between 1000 and 1300 located kWh / sqm / year. Radiation level in Romania is very good compared to other countries with temperate climate, and differences, depending on geographical area, are very small. Solar radiation in Romania reaches maximum values ​​in June, 1.49 kWh / msq/day, lows were recorded in February, 0.34 kWh /msq/day, wrote Green Report.[4]

[edit] Solar updraft tower

The collector area is expected to extract about 0.5 percent of the solar energy that falls on it. 376 acre for 1 MW.

Land prices 2,000 - 3,500 per acre = 752,000 - 1,316,000 EUR

Seems feasible. Not in a forest though.

[edit] PV panels

The most important solar regions of Romania are the Black Sea coast, Dobrogea and Oltenia with an average of 1,600 kWh/ m2/year

960 kwh / m2 / year = 109 W m2[5]

1 m2 = 200 eur[6] = 109 W

1 MW = 1,8 million (most sunny areas)

1 MW = 2,9 million (least sunny areas)


1MW = 5 million[7]

[edit] references

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