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The way modern civilization treats hygiene might not be suitable for us. Generally hygiene is energy, cost and time consuming.


[edit] Hygiene and automation

[edit] Off grid washing machines

Needs to have an option where you can provide hot water yourself.

For washing with rainwater, rainwater needs to be elevated 35 meter [1].

Don't choose separate regular machine, instead professional central large capacity area's. (Clothes + Dishes = 1000 eur per 5 persons = 2,000,000 max) Area should cost approx 1 million. Needs to have a stream nearby to take away water. Don't use soap as this would harm the forest. Rainwater collection stored in solar hot water system.


Rainwater collection should allow for a layer of top soil.

[edit] Water

[edit] Pooping and peeing

Or defecation.

[edit] Toiletpaper

[edit] Cleaning rag

[edit] Mop

[edit] Bucket

[edit] Broom

[edit] Tooth cleaning

Fluoride in toothpaste is proven to make teeth harder. Alternatives are coconut oil and soda. Toothpicks are generally advised. Toothbrush is necessary.

[edit] Soap

Soda is a good alternative to soap.

[edit] Body

Some biologists have come to advise against using soap for bodily cleaning, because it harms the natural layer of bacteriae found on the skin and thus weakens the immune system. On the other hand soap is strongly recommended for developing countries especially after urination.

[edit] Clothes

When using a washing machine, soap is harmful to the machine and is generally more for adding a fresh smell then for real cleaning.

[edit] Surfaces

Not really necessary. Soda might be a better alternative.

[edit] Eating utensils

Soap is useful for speeding up the process.

[edit] Medical utensils

[edit] Laboratory utensils

[edit] References

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