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Settlement design should differ from regular design. Not only could we win in cost efficiency (shared kitchen, shared television room) but also in the way people interact and collaborate (shared ateliers, shared laboratories, shared living spaces). Of course there also need to be spaces for people to isolate themselves in. All in all design would be vastly different from regular design, and would be a major topic for us to think about.



Kitchens could be shared with 25 people.

  • Solar oven


A 400 L refrigerator (only cooling, no freezing) could be shared with 4 people. When buying a really good one, and sharing it with four, energy costs are negligible (5W per person).

Shared television rooms

Large rooms would have a projector, smaller rooms a led television. Voting on what to watch would take place on the internet, while one person would operate the equipment based on the voting outcome.

Shared ateliers

Because certain artists are expected to draw in more people (for either collaboration, or mere curiosity), ateliers of different sizes should be built, with popular artists moving to the bigger ateliers.

Lowered (telescopic) furniture for children

For example telescopic toilets. Lowered storage for bread, (plastic) knifes and foodstuffs, so children have to opportunity to learn making their own lunch. This is an example of architecture interrelating with education, and the way this would help alleviate adults could be said to be an interrelation to governance.

Possible planning

Planning for 10K

Compressed earth bricks Maybe we can use this technology to build the solar tower.

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