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As far as I'm concerned there is no capital like knowledge, and knowledge is going to determine living standard and success. With today's internet it has been said that there are no limits to possibilities. Do not think that integration (rbe) is enough, you need technical skill (or perhaps even better, interest and passion). It would be superfluous to post links everywhere on this wiki, there is no end to that with the amount that's available on Youtube and other places. What needs to happen instead is to order information so it becomes more useful. One way to do that is to design courses: Another option is to integrate these links in plans. To come up with a plan you probably need to have some technical skill. A plan and a course are both ways to organize information so that it becomes knowledge.

Page names, headlines, localisation

The style of page names and headlines are neither consistent in this Wiki nor on Wikipedia. In a few seconds I even found inconsistent style on a single Wikipedia page. Is there an aim to make them consistent here? See Also, I am not aware of a localisation guideline. British English, American English, Australian English, any English?

loose information (edit, see 'knowledge')

Note to person who put in information. I think it's best to make a personal page and put in this information for later use. When the time comes you can add the information to the project it belongs to. For instance if your bit of information is: lower toilets for children that move as they grow, keep that information till there is a project going on to design houses.

earth homes construction proposing that building construction would benefit from using a technique that minimizes landfill waste of tires and such. this link is one of many that helps with this thought. depending where the community is and the resources available earth homes are a viable learning tool

rain harvesting for personal home use and agriculture

energy sources for consideration depending where the community exists

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