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Get into upwards spiral, as you get better in putting natural resources to use, you attract more 'makers' who want to be of the grid and experiment away.

Biologist: water purification ADVANCED (sewage, bacteriae) mineral extraction from seawater (bacteriae, see TedX) VERY ADVANCED Engineer Maker community

Iron casting.

Melting iron (oven opensourceecology (?)). Use 3d printing to form molds. Let locals bring old iron.

Water desalination. Use membrane or perhaps easier sunlight (reflecting surface, boil).

Energy production: reflecting light, boil, steam.

Construction: dirt brick (ose).

Try to get to a point where you can make o.s.e tools out of old iron (melting, casting), and then out of iron we mine our selves, from earth or seawater.

Begin with: some houses, solar panels, 3d printer, oven for melting. Eventually: produce our own houses, which would be made available for engineers or doctors (or the DIY equivalent).

As far as I'm considered there is no capital like knowledge, and knowledge is going to determine living standard and success. With today's internet it has been said that there are no limits to possibilities. Do not think that integration (rbe) is enough, you need technical skill (or perhaps even better, interest and passion).

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