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Chapter Protocol (version 1.0 - 31 August 2011)[1]

The Zeitgeist Movement has an organized structure built upon chapters to facilitate collective activism in an organized manner as well as the flow of information relating to a vast range of members.

A chapter in the Zeitgeist Movement


A chapter is defined as a group of active members of the Zeitgeist Movement in a particular region that serves and functions as an accurate representation of the Movement in their respective region.


The function of a chapter is to create and sustain a work-oriented environment from which activism can then be performed in accordance with the understandings supported by the movement. It is also part of a global chapter structure for information purposes and larger order activism.

Chapter tiers

  1. Chapters administration - Composed of international coordinators
  2. National chapters - Organized by country (eg: Portugal, Italy, France)
  3. Regional chapters - Organized by region / district / state / province
  4. City chapters - Organized by city

Criteria for officialization

The term "official" used in the context of chapters means that a given chapter of the Zeitgeist Movement is verified and approved in order to ensure an accurate representation of the Movement in their respective area.

Minimum requirements for a chapter:

  • (An) approved and active coordinator(s)
  • A dedicated email for chapter affairs
  • An internet communication point (a Website, group or a mailing list. The higher the chapter tier, for example national chapter, the stricter the requirements regarding internet communication will be.)
  • Signs of previous activity (Local events like meetups, screenings. and/or organized participation in movement projects)

Criteria for removal of official status

Each situation is analyzed in a per case basis by the coordinator(s) directly responsible for the tier above, for example:

  • Analysis of a city chapter is made by the coordinator(s) of the region where its situated
  • Analysis of a regional chapter is made ​​by the coordinator(s) of the country/chapter where it is situated
  • Analysis of a national chapter is made by the global chapters administration

This decision of whether to remove official status employs the following criteria as its basis:

  1. Frequency of activity
    • If a particular chapter is inactive at the local level - officially recognized activity comprising events that are geared toward the public (external) or members (internal), or any projects being actively managed and developed, etc.
  2. Nature of activity
    • If the actions performed by a particular chapter are not aligned with the proper representation and image of the Zeitgeist Movement
    • If there are additional agendas and interests involved in chapter affairs, such as profit motives, or the promotion of a political party, religious agenda, or new age concepts, etc.
  3. Absence of information on the Activity
    • If a given chapter doesn't report their activities, and/or consistently fails to be represented in meetings. This is generally due to “poor conduct” or absence of the coordination for the chapter in question.

The process of chapter review

In simple terms, the process of chapter review is generally a routine check of a given chapter based upon the criteria described above in points #2 and #3. Such review is carried out by a coordinator who is specifically responsible for such tasks in a chapter. The process of chapter review may be triggered by issues perceived via observation, complaints, and/or reports.

Upon entering the process of chapter review the coordinator will take the following steps:

Step 1 - Gather information
This can be accomplished by consulting reports provided by the chapter, visiting and checking the chapter website and communication mediums, engaging in private talks with several chapter members, asking for a more in-depth report in relation to a certain issue that may arise. etc.
Step 2 - Analyze and review the information
With all information gathered the current status of the chapter should be analyzed according to the criteria of review. Key issues arising, if any, need to be properly identified, and the document of review must be supported by all available and relevant evidence if necessary. Examples of evidence include chat logs, recordings, Emails, reports, etc.
Step 3 - Take action
With the review completed, the next step is to take action accordingly, depending upon the conclusion of the review. Such action may take the following forms
  • simply informing the chapter coordinator that everything is in order, and taking note of the review
  • providing notes and advice for necessary improvements to the respective chapter coordinator
  • administrative intervention by the upper-tier coordination or the chapters administration


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