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Teamwork is an essential component of The RBE10K Project. RBE10K is a community project, and therefore it is not owned by anyone, but the result of the concerted effort of everyone. Teams allow for self-governance and make participation easier, as participants are then able to rely on each other's skills and experience. Whilst Teams have freedom to work on any subject, their intended purpose is addressing the specific needs of the project.

Teams are ideally more than one person, however they are likely to all begin as a single person effort. Participants are encouraged to engage with each other requesting participation on teams, and working together. Teams are also encouraged to be small enough to enable a satisfactory level of self-governance and familiarity, a number of people not greater than what can be handled by online meeting software such as Skype or Google+ Hangouts. Teams are also encouraged to be local whenever possible, and get to know each other in person, and ideally share activities such as picnics or camping together.


[edit] Purpose

A Team is nothing but a public record and acknowledgement that a group of contributors is working together in a particular task, related to The RBE10K Project. A team has full autonomy and freedom, and can use its Team page for recording any information they consider appropriate or convenient. However, Team pages, like User pages, are not considered part of the Main wiki, but a sort of transient or scrapbook.

Information in Teams is intended to be private to the team, and therefore it can be in any language. This is a convenience for international teams who want to participate, and they can record information in their Team page in their own language. An international team can request a translation team to implement an article or section in their Team page, in English in a given location.

[edit] Creating or joining a Team

Any contributor can create a new team, and work as a unipersonal team. Should anyone be interested in a particular team, they can request joining it, and the request may be granted by the team, or denied. Rules of courtesy apply in both cases, explaining reasons for joining in, and should the request be denied, reasons for the denial. Teams are free to accept or reject new members by whichever reasons they consider suitable, and their decision is final.

[edit] Offers and Requests

Teams make requests directly on their own Team pages (see below in the section Team Registration). To view the list of current requests go to the Current Requests section in the offers and requests page. Likewise, to view the list of current offers, go to the Current Offers section in the offers and requests page.

[edit] List

Current Teams are listed in the Teams List page. If you're considering creating a team, please review the list of Needed Teams to address the Project's Needs.

[edit] Bettermeans

The software Bettermeans is recommended for use by all participants. In certain cases it may seem unnecessary, however it does provide for convenient and organised horizontal governance.

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