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[edit] Overview

It is a good idea to read this information before becoming a contributor to the this wiki, the RBEM Crowdsourced Knowledgebase. This article should serve as a style guide, provide information about what information is relevant or needed in this wiki, and point contributors in the right direction to contribute more than disrupt.

[edit] Style

In as much as possible, the style of the RBEM Wiki should follow the guidelines established for Wikipedia.

[edit] Starting out

The first thing you could do is edit your own user page (click your name at the top of the page). Play around with the formatting and learn how to edit a wiki if you haven't before. Add your skills and interests in the infobox and write anything else you'd like others to know about you. This will allow people with similar interests to find each other. You can find other users from "Special pages" on the left sidebar -> "Users and rights".

Next, you should look at the current Teams and pick any areas that interest you. You don't have to be an expert - all you need is willingness to learn. For example, if you've always wanted to know more about nutrition, you could join the gastronomy team. We compile a lot of our info from referenced external sources anyway, in accordance with academic writing style.

If you have found your focus area(s), look at the existing pages and think what extra information would be useful. Using the prior example, if the nutritional needs page has shown we need X, Y and Z, you might add a section that lists possible sources of X, Y and Z. Then the person after you can add some dishes that contain those ingredients and the gardening team can provide info on growing them. And so the wiki grows!

If you cannot think of any specific area to contribute to, you could always start with basic needs (if you've survived for XX years, you will be an expert on this ;) ). Think about what you need in your everyday life and the most sustainable ways of providing that. Right now you buy your clothes from a shop - what if you had to make them yourself? How would you make cloth and thread? How many clothes would you need in the first place? What about washing them - is there a natural way of making washing detergent? A quick Google search will probably give you many answers, some of which you could even test at home.

Long story short - *everyone* has something to offer to the development of the wiki. And this is the way to ensure your wishes are heard and that you'll have what you consider necessary for a prosperous life.

[edit] Quality and originality of the information in this website is paramount

[edit] Original information

It is very important to ensure no content from other sites are copied from external sources without citing the author or the source, and also to ensure that there are no articles mostly based on work copied from other sources. This is what in the monetary market world is considered "plagiarism", and in a RBE can be considered unnecessary duplication of information. In both cases, doing so is highly undesirable. Proper academic work solves this situation by limiting the amount of copied textual material to just a few words, enclosed by quotes, and properly cited. If in need to include more than one line, up to four lines can be included indented, and also properly cited. Alternatively, it is recommended to paraphrase the information found in one's own words, in which case it is also very important to cite the source. Whatever is not cited in an article should be assumed to be completely original by the article's contributor, and it is very important that this remains true.

[edit] Relevance of the information

There are currently five four main sections: RBEM, TZM, TVP, and RBE10K. It is important to maintain the relevance of the information in this wiki's articles according to the section that is mostly intended for. The following are some examples of relevant information for the various sections that comprise this wiki (note that there may be more important sections added):

  • RBE: information regarding life conditions, requirements, systems and processes pertaining to a RBE
  • TZM: organisational information related to projects, chapters, activism to be conducted, results, goals, activists profiles
  • TVP: organisational information related to projects, chapters, details on city systems implementation, goals, activists profiles
  • RBE10K: organisational information related to RBE specifics for RBE10K style of implementation, budget details, activists pofiles
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