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Several meals and foodstuff are staple foods of many cultures, and desirable for maintaining familiarity with foods. This section describes all these types of food that are prepared by baking or other cooking methods using processed or fractioned foods such as flours, oils, essences, etc.




Diary such as milk, butter and cream are important to make food tasty (for instance cream improves the taste of tomato soup). However they require a relatively high level of complexity so early settlers might have to do without them.

Vegetable milks can be produced from a variety of vegetables (e.g. soy, rice, oat, coconut and almond, and are often suitable alternatives for dairy in many types of food preparation.

Vegetable oil

Important for cooking. Leftovers can be processed to make bio fuel relatively easily. Making vegetable oil might be relatively difficult.



There is widespread debate whether bread is healthy. Participants are free to choose whether to eat bread or not. Scientific studies can be searched on the internet and discussed here on the wiki.


The advantage of soup is that if it has cooked for five minutes, it is completely free of harmful living things. This means it can be stored in a refrigerator. As we need 2L of water a day, it's very efficient to take this in as soup.

Keeping soup in the refrigerator and heating it up

A solar oven would do the trick. Solaroven.png

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