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[edit] Automation

Ideally only 3% of the people have to work. [1] For the RBE10K Project that would mean 300 people would be involved in maintenance and other tasks. Automation is important because it can free up time for education, which is needed to move the project forward.

[edit] Cybernated Farm Systems

This system can vegetables for 625 people, for 1 million dollar, for 40 years. For 10,000 people this would cost 16 million, out of a total budget of 120 million. Exactly how many calories per person the system produces (part of daily needs or full daily needs) doesn't follow out of the business plan. Based on initial conversation this would be 10-30 calories would make the system unsuitable. [2] Fish and vegetables consist 30% of total diet. [3]

[edit] References

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